My Fourth Trip To India: Part 3

Today was a very long day. After breakfast, I spent the day with my client interview the three candidates that hoped to run the technical support operation that they were building. It was a panel interview and I was very tough on each candidate in terms of getting them to answer questions about how they would coach, train and mentor those under their leadership. But at the same time pressing them how they would deliver customer service and deal with escalated situations. In the end, we chose a candidate who was articulate and who wasn’t the best in all areas. But very good in every area. It’s that sort of balance that allowed him to end up on top.

The client’s office is next to the DLF Cyber Hub which was where I went to have lunch at an Italian place that I have been to before. While I was out, I noted that it didn’t seem as smoggy as it was this morning. Nor did I smell the smog. I wonder if that means that this area has been plagued with is lifting? We’ll see as I am here for three more days. But it is top of mind based on the front page of this local paper:


If you look at the picture that is captioned with the words “Pollution Check” you’ll see participants in the Delhi half marathon wearing smog masks. That does not inspire confidence.

After returning to the hotel, I decided to do a workout today in the hotel gym. I did stints on the elliptical, treadmill, and stationary bike. I’ll post pictures of the workout room later in the week as it was a very nice place to workout in.

Right now, I’m going to shower and then have a bite to eat. Because tomorrow I start to interview the tech support agents. I am looking for people who will deliver world class service for my client and take charge of issues so that they’re worked to resolution successfully. I’ll give you an update on how that goes tomorrow.

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