Amazon Refuses To Sell Book About UK Child’s Fight With Cancer…. Internet Outraged

I’ve been following the Twitter feed of Alexander Goodwin who is a nine year old who is fighting Ewing Sarcoma, which is a rare type of bone cancer that affects children, in his right femur. Long story short, he’s winning the fight. Though that required him leaving his home in the UK and going to the US for treatment. Not a easy or cheap endeavor. Which is why his family have done everything possible from a fundraising perspective to give him every chance to live. That includes a new book that details his fight with cancer:

Here’s the thing. Amazon, as in the biggest retailer on the planet, won’t sell this book:

Now that’s caused his supporters to take up his cause. Take for example Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, who is also known as William Shatner:

Not to mention some people who aren’t known for saving the universe on a regular basis:

You have to agree that the optics of this situation look horrible for Amazon. I really fail to understand why they would take this stance and it would be in their best interests to really not only come out and explain this, but to actually sell the book. Having followed the young Mr. Goodwin’s Twitter feed, I can say that his story is one that needs to be told as others will find strength from it. Thus if you have been touched by cancer, buy this book and show Amazon what they’re missing out on. You can get the book here if you are in the UK, and here if you are in the US.  Or perhaps Janet Wheeler can help you to get a copy:

UPDATE: It appears that Amazon has changed course and decided to sell the book:


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