VW Exec Gets Sent To The Clink For 7 Years Over #DieselGate

Oliver Schmidt who pretty much ran VW USA got sentenced to 7 years in prison for his role in the DieselGate scandal. Why so long of a sentence? Well, his lawyers tried to minimize his role in the scandal saying that he’s only been a real factor since 2015…. But the judge saw things differently:

Lawyers spent roughly 90 minutes giving different views about Schmidt’s culpability in the scandal in Detroit federal court on Wednesday.

But Judge Sean Cox sided with prosecutors, calling Schmidt a “key conspirator” who viewed the coverup as an opportunity to “shine” and “climb the corporate ladder.”

I guess his days of climbing the corporate ladder are over. Given the 7 year sentence, and criminal record, the only job he’s going to get once he’s out of prison is one that includes the words “would you like fries with that?”

Hopefully more people who were responsible for DieselGate end up inside a courtroom and face the punishment that they deserve. I say that because this is something that those who orchestrated and directed this scandal need to pay for.


One Response to “VW Exec Gets Sent To The Clink For 7 Years Over #DieselGate”

  1. […] is the highest ranking VW official to be nailed by the US after the guy who ran VW USA got sent to the clink for seven years, and an engineer got sent to the clink for 40 months. It should also be noted that VW cut a pretty […]

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