No. 1 Reason People Are Happy At Work – It’s Not Money: HP Canada

With the holidays right around the corner – a time to enjoy with family and loved ones, HP Canada has released new workplace survey findings that explore the dynamics of work relationships, specifically around work spouses and work families. The survey found 75 per cent of Canadian respondents consider their work families the most important factor to workplace satisfaction – above an open floor plan (52 per cent) or the latest technology (46 per cent).

Key Canadian survey findings include:

  • Friends Equal Success: Office workers with a work family reported that their work family makes them feel happier (85 per cent), more connected (83 per cent), and more successful at work (78 per cent).
  • Work Families lead to Workplace Loyalty: 53 per cent of respondents stated they would stay at their current job even if a better opportunity came along so they wouldn’t have to leave their work family.
  • Those Hours Add Up : 55 per cent agree they spend more time with their work family than their real family. This familiarity creates a delicate dynamic where 51 per cent tell their work family things about their personal life that they don’t tell their real family.
  • Work Besties Are Common: Nearly three-quarters (72 per cent) of those with a work spouse considered them one of their best friends.

Work families are the heart of workplace satisfaction

  • Among those who have a work family, eight-in-ten (78 per cent) agreed that they are the best part of their job, and six-in-ten (63 per cent) said the same about their work spouse.
  • For most people, “coworker” or “colleague” was not enough to describe the people they work with on a daily basis. 66 per cent identify at least some of their coworkers as their “work family” and 39 per cent either currently have or have had a “work spouse.”

More than just a lunch buddy

  • While your work family is definitely your go-to lunch and coffee buddies, they are also the main sources to vent frustration and share office gossip. Beyond the day-to-day office drama, about three-quarters of office workers also share their hopes and dreams with their work family (72 per cent) and work spouses (81 per cent)
  • Realization around the necessity of a solid work best friend has prompted coworkers to include their colleagues on their holiday gift giving lists. Thirty eight per cent plan on buying gifts for someone they work with, and the top gifts to give are gift cards (51%), alcohol, wine, or beer (41%), photos (38%), and food (32%).

Canadians are more likely to keep their work family and real family separate

  • Only 66 per cent of Canadians consider at least some of the people they work with their work family (vs. 79 per cent in the US, 68 per cent in Mexico). However, more Canadians report that they are happier at work because of their work family than Mexicans (85 per cent CA vs. 79 per cent MX).
  • Canadians are more likely to keep work and their personal life separate than either Americans or Mexicans. They are less likely to tell their work spouses things about their personal life that they don’t tell their significant other (53 per cent CA vs. 59 per cent US, 63 per cent MX) and significantly fewer Canadians plan on buying a holiday gift for a coworker (38 per cent CA vs. 50 per cent US, 56 per cent MX).

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