2017’s List Of Worst Passwords Released….. No Wonder People Get Pwned

Splash Data has come out with the list of 100 worst passwords for 2017 and it illustrates while pwnage is epic at the moment. The worst password is “123456” along with “password” being next on the list, followed by “12345678”. Of note, there’s also “Starwars” and a bunch of swear words on this list as well.

Folks, if you use any password on this list, you deserve to get pwned and I will have no sympathy for you. However, if you want to make yourself secure, here’s some tips from Intel Security on how to create a strong password. I suggest you follow their advice as you can bet that miscreants will be pwning people right left and center by trying passwords that are on this list. If they’re aren’t already.


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