Alteryx Data Found On Amazon S3 Bucket Unsecured…. Data On 123 Million US Households Exposed

The latest company to be a victim of not properly securing customer data is Alteryx which is an analytics company. A database containing information on more than 123 million American households was sitting unsecured on the internet in an Amazon S3 bucket. Security company UpGuard made the discovery in October.


The data set included 248 different data fields covering a wide variety of specific personal information, including address, age, gender, education, occupation and marital status. Other fields included mortgage and financial information, phone numbers and the number of children in the household. If you wanted to get some data to steal an identity or two, this is a great place to start.


But it gets worse. The database contained data sets belonging to Alteryx partner Experian which is a consumer credit reporting agency that competes with now famous for being pwned Equifax. It also contained data from the US Census Bureau. Alteryx apparently purchased the data from Experian’s ConsumerView marketing database, a product sold to other companies that contains a combination of publicly available information and more personal data.


You have to wonder what it will take for companies to properly secure customer data. Stuff like this is completely unacceptable and clearly there is a need for swift and severe punishments for this level of stupidity. Otherwise the pwnage and leaks will continue and we will all suffer as a result.

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