Getting a phone for Christmas? Gift yourself an extra $75 Via Flipsy’s mission is to help people get more money for their used phones! Millions of people will be selling their used phones over the next three weeks, but most will get less money than they could due to post-holiday price drops. The good news is they can maximize their payouts with price locks offered by online buyback stores.

In fact, the same phone sold on the same day could sell for $225 without price locks, but $300 with price locks — a $75 difference. 

Whether they know they’re getting new phones or they’re wishful thinkers, people can do themselves a favor by taking advantage of price locks now – before Christmas.

This is important because values for used phones typically drop anywhere between 5 and 40 percent after the holidays, when the market is flooded with used phones. For flagship smartphones like the iPhone, prices can drop $75 or more.

Price locks:

  • Let people beat the price drops by locking in prices now, when values are high; then sell later, after they’ve received and set up their new phones
  • Do not obligate people to sell their phones; they simply lock in prices in case they decide to sell, up to 30 days later
  • Do not cost anything – they’re free, and it only takes a few minutes to set one up makes it easy to cash in on price locks. Our free service instantly compares the highest-paying buyback offers and displays which stores offer price locks, and for how long. Best of all, online stores pay an average of 30 percent more than carriers – and they pay in cash instead of store credit.

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