Toronto Based InstaRyde is Giving Away 2500 Rides for 99c for Boxing Day

Toronto based rideshare InstaRyde has just announced some incredible gifts for Torontonians and for their drivers this holiday season.

Boxing Day: InstaRyde will be giving away the first 2500 rides anywhere in the GTA for only 99cents, starting at 7am December 26th through 11pm in their “Ryde” category (4 people max). Riders will be charged and then reimbursed less the 99cents.

New Year’s: InstaRyde is committed to the safety of our city and everyone in it.  That’s why starting at 4pm on December 31st they will be giving away 5000 free rides anywhere in the downtown core until January 1st at 8am. Riders must use the “Ryde” category (4 people max) and will be charged the full amount and then reimbursed. The downtown core goes from Bloor Street to the Gardiner Expressway, and River Street to Dufferin Street.

New Driver Benefits:

  • InstaRyde pays for driver’s car payments! InstaRyde has just announced they will take care of their driver’s car payments if they only drive with InstaRyde, are committed for one month entirely, work 40hrs minimum per week and have a 90% ride acceptance rate. *Terms and conditions apply.
  • Drivers get guaranteed earnings for hours worked based off maintaining an acceptance ratio of 90% * Terms and conditions apply:
    • 20hrs = $500
    • 40hrs = $1000
    • 60hrs = $1500
  • Drivers get $100 for each driver referral after 50 trips in 30 days from date of approval.
  • Drivers get access to a fuel savings program with Shell.
  • More money goes to the drivers. InstaRyde takes a flat rate of 99c from the drivers’ share for every ride.

Rider Benefits:

  • Riders pay less. Rides cost average about 20% less than other ridesharing services on average.
  • No surge pricing!
  • Made in Toronto, for Toronto. The InstaRyde team is from Toronto. They love our city, know it well and have taken the time to listen to the riders and drivers needs and concerns when creating InstaRyde. They celebrate inclusivity, diversity and changing the ridesharing experience for the better.
  • Rider incentives. InstaRyde has a great incentives programme that ups the rewards the more you ride.

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