Apple Served With Second Lawsuit Over iPhones Being Slowed

Much as I predicted yesterday, a second lawsuit has been filed over Apple using software tricks to slows older iPhones with aging batteries. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Apple now faces a second lawsuit over the “deceptive, immoral and unethical” tactic of slowing older iPhones:

The suit was filed Thursday by two Illinoisans along with Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina residents, who had a range of models from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7.

They claim that Apple’s iOS updates “were engineered to purposefully slow down or ‘throttle down’ the performance speeds” of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

Apple representatives could not be reached for comment.

Expect the floodgates to now open with more lawsuits. You have to believe that Tim Cook and company are huddled in Apple Park wondering what they have to do to make this go away this makes Apple look really bad. Meanwhile, lawyers are licking their lips because this is going to be a good payday for them.

UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that the lawsuit count is up to 8 in the United States and one more in Israel.



3 Responses to “Apple Served With Second Lawsuit Over iPhones Being Slowed”

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