ASUS Announces AiMesh

There was a time not too long ago when our WiFi networks only had to support a couple of computers and maybe a gaming console, but the last ten years have gifted us an entire ecosystem of smart devices to streamline our lives. Making matters worse is the fact that these devices are not all sitting in one convenient location where the WiFi signal is the strongest. These devices are now dispersed throughout your home, sometimes in rooms where you previously would not have noticed a weak spot in the network. Getting decent speeds or connection stability in the most-used areas of the house is no longer good enough.

Fortunately, the answer to this massive increase in connected devices is actually simple. Mesh networks allow you to blanket your entire house with WiFi, from garage to guest room to backyard patio, by spreading access across multiple nodes to cover your home’s layout. Although these Mesh network products can be convenient all-in-one solutions, they are often only available in expensive fixed bundles, with a limited choice of WiFi speeds, hardware features and upgrade paths. In fact, your old router probably won’t work with these systems, so you’ll need to get rid of it — an expensive and wasteful thing to do.

With AiMesh, users can create a completely flexible whole-home WiFi system tailored to their needs, while continuing to enjoy all the functions of their current ASUS router, such as class-leading WiFi performance and enhanced security features like AiProtection. AiMesh also offers convenient central management and control via either the ASUS Router mobile app or the ASUSWRT web interface.

Enabling AiMesh on a compatible router just requires an easy — and completely free — firmware update that allows it to be added to any AiMesh network, so users can mix and match ASUS models according to their budget and/or needs, while making good use of their old router when they upgrade.

For a full overview on ASUS AiMesh, how it works and why this might just be your perfect networking solution, please visit us at Edge Up ASUS to learn more.

ASUS AiMesh is a free update for selected ASUS routers and is now available worldwide.  To view currently supported ASUS routers, please check  Additional ASUS wireless routers will be added throughout 2018, so please keep checking the AiMesh support page.


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