French Government Probing Apple Over “Batterygate”

The “Batterygate” scandal may be getting worse for Apple. Apparently, on top of the lawsuits that have been filed, including this one in France, there is now an investigation by French consumer watchdog DGCCRF which is part of the Economy Ministry according to Reuters:

The investigation, opened on Friday, will be led by French consumer fraud watchdog DGCCRF, part of the Economy Ministry, the source said.


The French watchdog’s preliminary investigation could take months, and depending on its findings, the case could be dropped or handed to a judge for an in-depth investigation.

Under French law, companies risk fines of up to 5 percent of their annual sales for deliberately shortening the life of their products to spur demand to replace them.

Now Apple doesn’t have anything interesting to say about this. But this isn’t good for the company as France is pretty strict about this stuff from a legal standpoint. And depending on how this turns out, it may spur other countries to take action against Apple.


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