US Government Wants Answers From Apple When It Comes To “Batterygate”

It seems that Apple’s problems in terms of the “Batterygate” scandal just got worse. Now we have members of the US government asking Apple some tough questions:

Chair of the Senate commerce committee, Senator John Thune, has written to Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, questioning the company’s handling of iPhone slowdown and consumers.

“Apple’s proposed solutions have prompted additional criticism from some customers, particularly its decision not to provide free replacement batteries,” Thune said, reported the Wall Street Journal, requesting answers by 23 January.


Thune questioned how Apple tracked and handled consumer complaints regarding slow iPhone performance, and whether Apple would offer rebates to customers who bought full-price battery replacements following the company’s discounting of the service from $79 to $29 (£25 in the UK).

Here’s the danger for Apple. This could be the first step that ends up with Apple being the subject of the public flogging known as a Congressional Hearing. And that usually doesn’t end well for those who show up for those as politicians always want to make sure that they look tough so that the folks back home know that they’re doing their job. It also tends to be a PR disaster for those who show up. If I were Apple, I’d be circling the wagons right now.


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