Flaw in Intel AMT Can Lead To Nearly Instant Pwnage By A Hacker

Here’s a new security issue for Intel to deal with that is really, really bad. F-Secure has discovered a security flaw in Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) can be used by attackers with physical access to get around authentication processes in seconds, effectively pwning the device. Here’s an overview of the security flaw:

The issue allows a local intruder to backdoor almost any corporate laptop in a matter of seconds, even if the BIOS passwordTPM PinBitlocker and login credentials are in place. No, we’re not making this stuff up.

According to F-Secure, this issue affects most corporate laptops and PCs running Intel AMT. And for the record AMT has had other security issues in the past. Now the F-Secure post has recommendations to mitigate this. But the’re not exactly quick and easy for companies to implement. Thus this is a problem that is should rightfully get a lot of attention until a solution is found for it.

Clearly 2018 hasn’t been a good year for Intel, and we’re only 12 days into 2018.


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