Husqvarna Announces New Automower Models

Husqvarna is expanding its best-selling Automower lineup and will release several new models in 2018, positioning it to further dominate the robotic mower market with innovative new technology and products designed for new audiences.



The Automower 310 (MSRP: $1,899.99; install kit sold separately) will join the current lineup as a new entry-level model, serving 0.25 acres and slopes up to 22 degrees. This new model also comes with “Connect from Home,” the Automower’s new connected Bluetooth functionality. The existing Automower 315 model will see a competitive price drop to MSRP $2,339 (install kit sold separately) and will now serve up to 0.4 acres.



Husqvarna will also introduce the Automower X-line, which makes the Automower Connect app standard for those models. Automower Connect allows owners to control the mower from their smartphone, wherever they are. The app for iOS and Android devices lets owners receive their Automower’s current status and change settings remotely. It also transmits the Automower’s precise GPS-tracked location in the unlikely event of a theft.

  • Automower 315X (MSRP: $2,499.95; install kit sold separately)
  • Automower 430X (MSRP: $3,199.95; install kit sold separately)

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