Cogeco Peer 1 New Software-Defined WAN Solution Helps Businesses Unlock The Power Of The Cloud

Cogeco Peer 1 today announced a new software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) service, partnering with Nuage Networks from Nokia, to help businesses ensure that their connectivity is a true enabler in their digital transformation.

Given that SD-WAN technology is uniquely optimized to meet the growing requirements of cloud computing, IDC believes that adoption of the technology across enterprise and service providers will help drive the market to reach $8 billion in infrastructure and services by 2021.

Partnering with a vendor such as Cogeco Peer 1 with a broad service portfolio and global reach can ensure a business’ enterprise ICT is aligned to an optimal secure WAN service for its unique needs, he added.

Providing the agility and flexibility that today’s businesses require, Cogeco Peer 1’s SD-WAN service is ideal for companies with distributed branch office locations using cloud-based applications. SD-WAN technology eliminates the need for companies to route traffic through their head office, so branch office locations benefit from direct, secure access to their SaaS or cloud-based applications, while at the same time reducing delays and easing network congestion.

Simple to set up without any need for on-site IT support, Cogeco Peer 1’s SD-WAN solution also offers a

Self-Service Portal that allows customers to view all connected sites and apply policies in a single view, enabling them to optimize network design, prioritize traffic and reduce latency for critical workloads.

SD-WAN has been added to the Cogeco Peer 1 Referral Partner Program and Referral Plus Partner Program, providing Cogeco Peer 1 partners the ability to refer optimized SD-WAN to their end-clients. Partners can access the latest SD-WAN tools and resources within the Cogeco Peer 1 Partner Portal.

To learn how businesses can benefit from Cogeco Peer 1’s Software-Defined WAN service, visit


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