Have A Netgear Router? You Might Want To Check For A Firmware Update To Avoid Pwnage

If you’re using a Netgear router at home, you might want to check for a firmware update because a bunch of firmware updates have been released to fix some remote access vulnerabilities.

The flaws were found by Martin Rakhmanov of Trustwave and confirmed by Netgear. Apparently 17 routers have a remote authentication bypass flaw which allows someone to reach the web based configuration interface and gain control without using a password. From there, a bad guy can pwn the network. What’s worse is that another 17 Netgear routers have a similar bug. Finally, six other models have an issue with Wi-Fi Protected Setup which when you press the WPS button opens up a two-minute window during which an attacker can potentially execute arbitrary code on the router as root over the air.

My advice for owners of Netgear routers is to check for updates and update now. That way that you can avoid pwnage now that these flaws are public.




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