New Bug Affecting iOS, macOS, & watchOS Crashes iPhones With A Single Character

Apple’s software quality continues to be a bit of a gong show. Case in point is a new bug affecting the currently available versions of watchOS, tvOS, iOS and macOS has been discovered that will crash your iPhone and not allow you to access a range of messaging and e-mail apps, including Apple’s Messages, WhatsApp, and Gmail, among others. According to a report from The Verge the bug happens when a particular Indian language (Telugu) character is received, or even just pasted into a text area.

Here’s the bug in action:

The good news is that according to The Verge a fix is coming to address the bug in the form of some sort of minor update. That implies that it could be pushed out at any time. The other option is for Apple to push out the versions of those operating systems that are currently under beta. I say that because all existing beta versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS are unaffected by this bug. But based on what I am reading, it is likely that Apple will push out a quick fix.

Regardless of what Apple does to fix this, the fact that this bug even exists underscores the issues that Apple has with its software quality, and that fixing that problem is clearly a huge challenge for them.


2 Responses to “New Bug Affecting iOS, macOS, & watchOS Crashes iPhones With A Single Character”

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