Public Mobile Was Going To Jack The Rates On Their 4GB Data Plan Until The Blowback Forced A Hasty Retreat

Two days ago, Telus-owned Public Mobile notified customers via text message their $40/4GB plan ($120 for 12GB over 90 days) was going to increase in price by 25%, jumping by $10 per month, to a total of $150 over 90 days.

The blowback on this was swift. The Public Mobile Community Forums have a massive thread about the price increase. Not only that, suggestions were made that customers should file a complaint with the CCTS about the 25% price hike. But the outrage didn’t end there. If you don’t want this price increase, Public Mobile says you can jump on a $40/4GB ‘promo’ with sister brand Koodo, available until March 15th, 2018. This plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling instead of provincial minutes, and includes a one-time $100 bill credit.

So what was clearly going on here was that Telus wanted more postpaid customers on its books than prepaid customers. I must admit that this is a very cynical way of going about that, and it’s something that I would not have expected from Telus.

But as of yesterday, it seems that this plan is off the table as according to a blog post, they’re walking this back and everything is back to the way it was. Now one can assume that all the negative press caused this to be walked back. But you have to wonder why even go there in the first place? Despite this change of heart, some customers of Public Mobile are going to start looking to other carriers as this was a very negative experience for them. If I were Telus who owns Public Mobile, I’d think of a way to make nice to their customer base. And if I were them, I’d do that really fast.


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