LinkedIn & MIT Research Reveals Ontario’s SMB Software & IT Businesses Have TheMost Internationally Connected Employees

LinkedIn has just released its newest research in partnership with the Ministry of International Trade (MIT), ‘Understanding Trade Through International Connections,’ to help inform Ontario’s trade strategy, uncovering that Software & IT is the province’s most globally connected industry, particularly across small to medium-sized businesses.

The report leverages data from LinkedIn’s nearly 5 million Ontario members and uncovers opportunities for the province’s policymakers and businesses to improve ties with global trading partners, capitalize on existing employee relationships across business functions and better leverage industry strengths.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Small and medium sized businesses are leading the way in international connectivity. Ontario’s Software & IT employees are the most highly connected across small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), even when compared to employees of large firms.
  • Ontario’s international connections support a host of diverse industries. Software & IT is the province’s most globally connected industry, followed by Energy & Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, and Agriculture.
  • Global connections exist across employee functions. Ontario businesses have a rich opportunity to tap into the global networks of their employees – IT employees are among the top five job functions that tend to have the largest percentage of international connections.
  • There’s marked potential to grow trade with new international markets. Our research reveals that, compared to other provinces and states in Canada and the US, Ontario ranks the second highest in international connectivity, surpassed only by British Columbia. Middle Eastern countries, Brazil, Australia, Ireland and Nigeria show high connectivity, but lower trade value, indicating the potential to better leverage these connections to facilitate trade promotion.

You can also view the complete report here and read the blog post here.


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