Guest Post: NordVPN Discusses OpenMedia’s Protests Against FairPlay’s Planned Website Censorship

Today, on Feb 28th, Canadian digital rights advocacy group OpenMedia is planning a protest to fight against website censorship.

OpenMedia has launched as an answer to FairPlay, a Canadian coalition of 25 media corporations that are aiming to push for the rights to block any website accused of piracy – without court oversight.

“Any kind of censorship may lead to abuse of power, blocking of legitimate sites and denial of the basic freedom of speech,” said Marty P. Kamden, CMO of NordVPN. “Piracy is an issue, but it should be solved by providing more convenient access to content rather than by blocking or taking down websites.”

When a user turns on a VPN, their Internet traffic gets routed through an alternative tunnel. They can also connect to a server in a different country – so they can access any website that is blocked in Canada but available elsewhere.

VPNs also encrypt all traffic between a user’s computer and a VPN server, providing privacy and security when browsing the Internet.

OpenMedia has a goal to deliver at least 50,000 public comments to the CRTC in protest of FairPlay Canada. The submission deadline is now extended until March 29th, 2018.



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