Ex Bell Door To Door Sales Rep Claims That He Was Trained To Lie To Customers

Well, this keeps getting worse for Bell. Hot off the heels of this report where customers of Bell say they were misled about the costs of their services by door to door sales reps, a former door to door sales rep has come forward to the CBC to say that he was trained to lie to customers:

Krys Weiss contacted Go Public after reading about sales pressure on staff at Bell call centres.

“We misled people at the front door, too,” says Weiss, who sold Bell’s “Fibe” TV, internet and home phone services two years ago in Toronto-area neighbourhoods. Bell subcontracts all its door-to-door marketing to third-party companies.

Weiss describes how he and other other sales reps would be dropped off in a neighbourhood and expected to hit about 60 houses a shift. Working mostly on commission, he says he was desperate to get people to sign up for a “triple play” — TV, internet and home phone.

“You want to do whatever you can to finalize that sale,” he says.

Weiss says he was coached not to mention fine print in contracts, to fudge on prices and internet speeds.  

“I wasn’t telling the whole truth,” he says. “I was only telling the small things and leaving out the big things that could be potential harm for them.”

Now, these sales reps are outsourced, which gives Bell plausible deniability when stuff like this comes up. But you may not know that they are outsourced when they come to your door because of the fact that they’re wearing Bell shirts, and jackets and handing out business cards with the Bell logo on them. I know this because I’ve seen them numerous times in and around our condo trying to sign people up for their services.

In any case, it’s pretty clear that Bell has a serious problem on its hands, and one that requires a fix via the government intervening and saying that their behavior is not acceptable. Either that, or customer simply should dump Bell and tell others not to sign up for their services. Because Bell needs to understand that their bad behavior needs to immediately stop.


2 Responses to “Ex Bell Door To Door Sales Rep Claims That He Was Trained To Lie To Customers”

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