Equifax Says That More People Were Affected Than Previously Thought

Bad news if you’re following the Equifax story. Apparently the company has now said that 2.4 million more people were affected in that epic pwnage from last year. That’s the second time they’ve had to revise the number of people affected by this upward:

Equifax said all affected users will be notified, and emphasized that these findings aren’t the result of any new hacks.

“This is not about newly discovered stolen data,” said Paulino do Rego Barros Jr., interim CEO at Equifax. “It’s about sifting through the previously identified stolen data, analyzing other information in our databases that was not taken by the attackers, and making connections that enabled us to identify additional individuals.”

The latest disclosure shows just how bad the company was hit. In September, initial reports said 143.3 million Americans were affected. By October, it had gone up to 145.5 million. The new total is 147.9 million. 

I think its safe to say that they have no clue how many people are truly affected by this. That should scare you. And it should highlight this fact via Senator Elizabeth Warren:

I agree. Equifax cannot be trusted and as a result must be held accountable.


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