Rogers Continued Inability To Support The Apple Watch With LTE Continues To Stoke Frustration

Something that I never thought would drag on this long is the ongoing saga of Rogers and their inability to support the Apple Watch with LTE when the other members of the big three carriers, namely Telus and Bell do. Most of that frustration is being played out on Twitter:

And it seems that Rogers is still handing out its stock answer when quizzed about support for the Apple Watch With LTE. Here’s an example:

And Bell is still looking to steal ticked off customers from Rogers, as I’ve written about here:


The thing is that since the day that the Apple Watch With LTE came out last fall, Rogers has spent a lot of time and effort trying to spin the lack of support for eSIM (which the Apple Watch With LTE requires) in some way that would keep their customers from bolting to Bell and Telus. The thing is that spin only works for so long. And based on comments made by the people inside Bell and Telus who speak to me on background, it’s stopped working for Rogers as they’re getting people coming across from Rogers for no other reason than they have Apple Watch With LTE support and Rogers doesn’t. That has to be not only worrisome for Rogers from a churn perspective, but embarrassing as well. Meanwhile, if you’re Bell and Telus, you’re laughing.

I guess it sucks to be Rogers.

UPDATE: The story continues here where I show examples of people, including yours truly leaving Rogers because of this.



4 Responses to “Rogers Continued Inability To Support The Apple Watch With LTE Continues To Stoke Frustration”

  1. […] for my telco services. Sure Bell has a way better Internet offering than Rogers. And unlike Rogers they support the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, but their customer service is so bad and they have a reputation of “baiting and […]

  2. […] largest telco still lacks support for it. Now I have said each time that I have talked about this that they risk losing customers over this as other telcos, most notably Bell, are looking to snatch […]

  3. Rogers to support apple watch celular as of Sept 17/18. Setup is done online with your account see

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