The Reason Why You Should Get Your iPhone Battery Replaced As Illustrated By This Video

A while ago when “batterygate” broke, my wife quickly got the battery in her iPhone 6 replaced. It was a bit of an adventure as I documented here. But the battery swap paid dividends as it basically gave her a brand new phone. But I came across a video that illustrates the big difference that a battery swap can make to an iPhone. In the case of the person who shot the video, has an iPhone 6S and they walk through the performance of the phone before and after the battery swap. The difference is noticeable. And to be clear, even though you’re seeing two phones side by side, this is the same phone that is being videotaped.

Thus this illustrates that if you have an iPhone that could be affected by this problem, you should sign up to get the battery replaced. You may have to wait for it to happen as the word on the street is that it may take weeks for Apple to get around to you, but it’s clearly worth it.



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