MoviePass Disables Location Tracking After Epic Blowback

I guess that MoviePass bragging about how much money can it can make off of location tracking that they didn’t tell anybody about, followed by coming out with a lame statement to defend it didn’t work. I say that because Variety is reporting that location tracking has been disabled in the MoviePass app for iOS:

MoviePass removed a feature from its iOS app that let the company track the location of customers, responding to privacy fears stoked by the CEO’s recent comments.

According to the notes about the iOS update released March 7, the new version of the MoviePass app (version 3.0.6) has “removed unused app location capability.”

In a statement late Wednesday, the company said: “Today, MoviePass released a new app update, including the removal of some unused app location capabilities. While part of our vision includes using location-based marketing to enhance the moviegoing experience for our members, we aren’t using some of that functionality today. Our members will always have the option to choose the location-based services that are right for them today and in the future.”

So…. What does that mean? I read that as there’s still location tracking. But the more objectionable features have been removed. But that’s just a guess. Some transparency on this would be welcome. But I don’t see it coming from MoviePass. But we’ll see.


One Response to “MoviePass Disables Location Tracking After Epic Blowback”

  1. […] as his PR’s department lame attempt to walk his statement back failed. Oh yeah. What about the update of their iOS app to remove “unused app location […]

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