OpenText CEO Announces Women in Technology Summit 2018 in Toronto, July 12 And Makes A Call For Progress

In recognition of International Women’s Day, OpenText is excited to announce a powerful lineup of prominent speakers for this year’s Inaugural Women in Technology Summit at OpenText Enterprise World 2018 in Toronto. OpenText’s Vice Chair, CEO and CTO, Mark J. Barrenechea, is also pressing for progress in a new blog, challenging both OpenText and the technology industry to take real steps to achieve gender equality.

The OpenText Women in Technology Summit will celebrate diversity in technology and the incredible contributions of women in the field. Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Megan Smith; and CEO and co-founder of #MoveTheDial, Jodi Kovitz, will deliver insightful keynotes highlighting the progress being made to advance women in technology.

In order to drive change, Barrenechea writes that we must encourage the next generation of young women to lead and innovate in technology. To that end, the Women in Technology Summit speakers will explore topics such as the future of the STEM talent pipeline and advancing women in the industry to leadership positions.

Prominent broadcast journalist and co-host of The Social, Marci Ien, will moderate two panels during the Summit which will also feature:

  • TechGirls of Canada Founder Saadia Muzaffar
  • Technovation Global Ambassador Anar Simpson
  • University of Waterloo Dean of Engineering Pearl Sullivan
  • SAP Labs Vice President of Tech Diversity and Inclusion Danny Allen
  • SAP UX Designer Lucia Melgarejo
  • OpenText Vice President of Research and Development Mei Dent

By drawing attention to this important issue OpenText hopes to create positive change for inclusiveness in our workplaces and communities. Barrenechea has also laid out four core beliefs, including:

  • Encouraging youth to learn technology early
  • Using digitization and analytics to dismantle barriers to women’s representation
  • Increasing the pace and priority for achieving gender quality
  • Establishing gender equality programs to create dialogue, remove biases and facilitate practical change

For more information on OpenText’s steps to create positive and lasting change, please visit the OpenText blog.


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