Facebook To Revise Terms Of Service To Include More Privacy Language…. But It Will Not Stop The Need To #DeleteFacebook

The crisis that is #DeleteFacebook is clearly putting pressure on Facebook as in the last couple of hours, Facebook according to Yahoo Finance has come out with new terms of service that speak to privacy in draft form:

Facebook said it was publishing draft revisions of two documents that apply worldwide, its terms of service and its data policy, and was seeking feedback on them in advance of making them final.

The updates do not ask for new rights to collect, use or share data and will not affect the privacy settings that people have made on their Facebook accounts, Rob Sherman, Facebook’s deputy chief privacy officer, said in a phone interview.

“This is intended to give people much more in the way of details,” Sherman said.

At more than 4,000 words, the draft of the new data policy is about 50 percent longer than the existing one.

The world’s largest social media company is under pressure after a series of scandals that has shaken the confidence of users, advertisers, lawmakers and investors.

Here’s the thing. This is meaningless. Absolutely meaningless. I say that because if Facebook really wanted to do something to show that they take privacy seriously, they would take the GDPR protections that they are rolling out in Europe, and roll them out the rest of the planet. But as we all know, they will not do that. So if you were on the fence if you should #DeleteFacebook, and were wondering if this would change your mind, I would say that this should put you firmly in the #DeleteFacebook camp as there’s truly nothing to get excited about here.


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