Facebook Quietly Cancels Plans To Vacuum Up Hospital Patient Data

Facebook has reportedly paused an initiative in which a number of hospitals were asked to share patient data with the social network according to CNBC. Likely because the ongoing gong show of their data handling issues would have likely got in the way.

I will concede that the data would have been anonymized. And the whole scheme would have helped both patients and hospitals. But one big reason why this is a horrible idea is that this was apparently led out of building on the Facebook campus where all the top secret stuff goes on:

The exploratory effort to share medical-related data was led by an interventional cardiologist called Freddy Abnousi, who describes his role on LinkedIn as “leading top-secret projects.” It was under the purview of Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s “Building 8” experiment projects group, before she left in October 2017.

Honestly, that doesn’t inspire confidence. And I want you to think about this in the context of everything that has been uncovered in terms of Facebook and its ability to handle your data. Because on the surface, this seems to be a horrific idea. As in letting them have access to your medical records (anonymous or not) is downright scary. Hopefully this plan gets deep sixed and never sees the light of day. But it does beg the question: What other initiatives like this exist within Facebook?



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