Russia Is Starting The Process To Ban Telegram

You might recall that I posted a story about Russia wanting to get its hands on the encryption keys related to Telegram, the popular messaging app. Which of course wasn’t going to happen because can’t. As a result, The BBC is reporting today that the Roskomnadzor media regulator has begun legal proceedings to block the app in the country.

My thought on this is simple. I think Russia can try to block Telegram, but I suspect that that won’t kill the service. So I expect a game of cat and mouse to commence. Let’s see who comes out on top.


One Response to “Russia Is Starting The Process To Ban Telegram”

  1. […] Russia wanted Telegram’s encryption keys. Presumably so they can spy on Telegram users. Telegram said no. And as a result, here we are with Telegram being blocked in Mother Russia on the orders of a […]

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