Sears Holding And Delta Pwned Via Third Party…. Payment Card Info Swiped..

I don’t think I’ve ever written about two companies being pwned at the same time before. But today I am going to discuss that a data breach at a software services provider called [ 24] has led to payment card info being swiped from customers of Sears Holding and Delta Airlines. Details from Reuters:

Technology firm [ 24], which provides online support services for Delta, Sears and Kmart among other companies, found that a cyber security incident affected online customer payment information of its clients, it said.

The incident happened on or after Sept. 26, 2017 last year and was found and resolved on Oct. 12, the company said.

Sears is aware that about 100,000 customers may have had their payment info swiped. Delta says “a small subset of its customers would have had their information exposed” but it cannot say for sure if the info was access or compromised. In both cases, it highlights what can happen if you give third parties access to your customer data. Which means giving third parties access to your data customer data is risky. Thus you need to ensure that they keep a close eye on how they manage that data or you can end up like these two companies.


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