Still Another Reason To #DeleteFacebook… Cambridge Analytica May Have Data On MORE People

The Facebook data leak scandal may have just got worse.

Cambridge Analytica and its partners used data from previously unknown “Facebook-connected questionnaires” to obtain user data from the social media service, according to testimony from a former Cambridge Analytica employee.

Brittany Kaiser provided evidence to the British Parliament today as part of a hearing on fake news. Kaiser, who worked on the business team at Cambridge Analytica’s parent company until January of this year, wrote in a statement that she was “aware in a general sense of a wide range of surveys” used by Cambridge Analytica or its partners, and she said she believes the number of people whose Facebook data may have been compromised is likely higher than the widely reported 87 million.

That’s bad. And we need answers to how far this goes. It’s also another reason why Mark Zuckerberg needs to go to the UK to answer questions in front of Parliament.

Having said that, how many non-users did Cambridge get information on? After all, Facebook has profiles for non-users as well as actual users. I’m told repeatedly that I am the only remaining person alive between the age of 8 and 80 who doesn’t have a profile on Facebook. Thus it would be really interesting to know if Cambridge got information on luddites like me as well.


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