Darktrace Mobile App Version 2 Unveiled

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense, has today launched version 2 of the Darktrace Mobile App. The new update enhances the ability for security teams to investigate in-progress threats and control Antigena autonomous response actions while in transit.


Powered by artificial intelligence, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is uniquely capable of identifying and stopping subtle and stealthy threats in real time. With 5,000 deployments across more than 97 countries, organizations across all industries rely on its self-learning technology to detect in-progress attacks missed by traditional tools – including insider threat, IoT breaches, and zero-day attacks.

Available for iOS and Android, the Darktrace Mobile App gives security teams the ability to easily access Darktrace after working hours or on the go. Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the Darktrace Mobile App increases the speed of threat mitigation by offering push notifications of in-progress threats. For the hundreds of customers around the globe relying on Darktrace Antigena, the Darktrace Mobile App offers one-click confirmation of autonomous response actions when in human confirmation mode – enabling organizations with the ability to automatically fight back against emerging threats.

Version 2 of the Darktrace Mobile App adds new features that provides teams with in-depth, detailed insights into their networks. The new update allows for even faster threat notification and mitigation, the means to locate external locations, and a streamlined authentication process. A full list of new features include:

  • Enhanced filtering and sorting options
  • New ability to search for devices by user credentials
  • Ability to locate external connections in Maps app
  • Real-time notification support for faster updates
  • Streamlined authentication process


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