Tech Support Scams Are On The Rise: Microsoft

One of the things that I seem to be getting a lot of business from in the last year or so are Tech Support Scams. I’ve covered a couple of the ones that I’ve tripped over in the last year or so, and I am preparing myself to get more business based on what Microsoft has had to say about the subject:

In 2017, Microsoft Customer Support Services received 153,000 reports from customers who encountered or fell victim to tech support scams, a 24% growth from the previous year. These reports came from 183 countries, indicating a global problem.

Approximately 15% of these customers lost money in the scam, costing them on average between $200 and $400. In some cases, victims pay a lot more. In December 2017, Microsoft received a report of a scammer emptying a bank account of €89,000 during a tech support scam in the Netherlands.

That’s truly scary. It’s clear that everyone needs to take action to make these scams less effective. I have some advice on how to avoid getting scammed here. But the best defense is to get the word out about these scams to as many people as possible. That way when the scumbags behind these scams try to take someone’s money, they will fail miserably.

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