Microsoft Avoids Embarrassment By Announcing That Windows 10 April 2018 Update Will Ship April 30th.

I guess that ether the reports of the Windows 10 April 2018 update shipping on May 8th were wrong, or Microsoft decided to move it up to April 30th to avoid the embarrassment of shipping the April 2018 update in May. Either way, the April 30th date for the shipping of the April 2018 update was announced today.

Here is a quick rundown of the new features you can expect in the April 2018 Update:

  • Timeline: Search through all the activities you performed up to 30 days ago to find what you were working on, including apps, files, and websites. You can also pick up what you were doing on your Android or iOS device, as long as you were signed into your Microsoft account while using Edge or Office 365.
  • Focus Assist: Turn this on whenever you want to get things done without distractions, like social media, email, or other notifications — you can even set it to turn on automatically at certain times during the day, or make exceptions for people that you’re waiting to hear from. When you’ve finished, you’ll receive a summary of what came through.
  • Edge: Microsoft’s browser has also received some features for helping you focus. There’s now an audio icon for muting and unmuting tabs (but no autoplay blocking), a full-screen reading experience (for books, PDFs, and Reading View pages), autofill on web payment forms, a clutter-free printing option, and a Grammar Tools button to enable comprehension aids.
  • Dictation: You can now take a note, or write a paper, with just your voice. Place your cursor in any text field, hit Win+H, and start talking.
  • Cortana: Manage your smart home right from your PC using just your voice. Supported devices include Ecobee, Honeywell, and the Nest Learning thermostat.

Besides all of that, there’s simplified IT management tools for enterprise customers, improvements to Photos and Windows Mixed Reality, better security, and PC gaming enhancements. None of which most of you will care about. Well, maybe you might care about the better security part. But details weren’t given so who knows.

Tune in on Monday just after 1PM EST for the rollout of the now on-time Windows 10 April 2018 update.

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