Latest OpenText Release Delivers A Secure Platform For Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Content Services, & Extreme Automation

OpenText has announced the general availability of Release 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4). This release further extends security, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and cloud support into the market-leading OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform.

This release expands OpenText’s commitment to helping its customers deliver on the promise of digital transformation, while focusing on their role as stewards of personal data and information.

This release is focused on enhancing key areas of the OpenText platform.

  • AI/ OpenText Magellan: the release extends data collection and loading options for business users, further democratizing access to AI across organizations and integrates deeper into Hadoop and Spark to enable machine learning applications. The release also extends AI into the OpenText Enterprise Information Management platform, including Documentum, Content Server, Archive Center and eDocs for integrated content mining.
  • Internet of Things: The OpenText Covisint IoT Platform helps companies manage their digital ecosystems and securely connect people, systems and things. It offers large industrial companies the real-time visibility they need for enterprise information across different business networks to help them make better business decisions. The latest Enhancement Pack adds new abilities to configure, develop and secure IoT solutions.
  • Cloud: This release makes it easier for organizations to move to the hybrid or fully managed cloud environment that is right for them. New cloud connectors continue to place the OpenText ecosystem at the center of digital business while seamlessly working with the best-in-breed technologies in asset and resource management, operations, content creation, and content collaboration.
  • Developer: OpenText provides tools for a global community of developers that are creating Enterprise Applications with the OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Suite. For the developer, this release will see the breadth and depth of low-code development expand with additional out-of-the-box integrations to OpenText products and a unified application development environment across AppWorks.

OpenText Release 16 EP4 is available now.

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