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OpenText Opens Enterprise World 2018 & Announces OpenText OT2

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OpenText has officially opened Enterprise World 2018, welcoming 5,000 attendees to Toronto for presentations from leading EIM experts and innovators.

  • Defining the Future of EIM

At Enterprise World 2018, OpenText will announce OT2, a next-generation hybrid EIM platform based on a micro-services architecture. OT2 supports native cloud SaaS applications that can integrate with on-premises deployments to extend new capabilities to customers’ existing investment. This new platform will allow OpenText customers and partners to build the next generation of EIM applications and services, gaining greater insight and value from the information that underpins their businesses. More details on that in a moment.

  • OpenText Release 16 in action

Released in April 2016, OpenText Release 16 is the most comprehensive, integrated digital information platform available on the market. A single platform that manages and analyzes the entire flow of information, addressing key areas of the user experience, machine-to-machine integration, automation and other aspects of the digital-first organization. Over the last 24 months, OpenText has continually innovated on the platform, providing organizations with new features and integrations to help solve their greatest information challenges, from the changing workforce, the exponential increase in IoT devices, gaining more insight into vast information lakes, and supporting new regulatory requirements like GDPR.

  • Information Security and IoT

In a world where more and more devices are connected, endpoints can be anywhere. At Enterprise World 2018, OpenText will demonstrate how combining the innovative identity and access platform acquired from Covisint in July 2017, with market-leading endpoint security acquired from Guidance Software in September 17, will enable a new generation of secure IoT applications and services.

  • Delivering the Future of AI for EIM

Augmented Intelligence (AI) is automating decisions and transforming the relationships between humans and machines. OpenText is building AI into the DNA of its market-leading EIM platform. Out-of-the-box integration and new business-user enabled interfaces in OpenText Magellan will provide enterprises with deep and immediate insight into the organization’s information lakes.

  • Delivering on Enterprise-Grade Cloud Collaboration

Demands for increased mobility and workforce collaboration are changing the way companies approach productivity. With new developer functionality added to OpenText Core, organizations can build applications and work-flows on top of their enterprise-wide Core implementations. The addition of forms to Core also allows users to collect data and information for simple and secure business collaboration.

  • OpenText Prime Gives Customer Flexibility to Innovate

At Enterprise World 2018, OpenText officially launches OpenText Prime – a pricing model that allows companies to access the full power of OpenText managed services at a single, per-user price. This gives customers the flexibility to break down operational silos and build company-wide digital platforms that leverage the full OpenText portfolio.

At the same time OpenText also announced the release of OpenText OT2, the next-generation hybrid-cloud platform from OpenText that brings together intelligent automation, security, and EIM applications in a powerful unified platform.

With a unified data model and a standard user interface, OpenText OT2 enables developers to rapidly build SaaS applications in the Opentext Cloud. OpenText OT2 brings together micro-services for content collaboration, security, process automation, and analytics, enabling customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy powerful business applications to drive digital transformation further into their operations.

The OpenText OT2 platform, available now, will develop with quarterly releases, with all applications being tightly integrated with OpenText Release 16.

OpenText OT2 applications launching at Enterprise World 2018

In his keynote address at Enterprise World, Muhi Majzoub, Executive Vice President, Engineering and IT at OpenText will preview the first generation of transformative applications built on the OpenText OT2 platform.

Deepening collaboration with OpenText partners

OpenText is opening its cloud infrastructure to select members of its partner ecosystem. This will enable the world’s most innovative global systems integrators to create and market applications on the OpenText cloud, helping to further extend OpenText’s global reach. With the support of our partner ecosystem, more customers in more markets will have access to the advanced Enterprise Information Management applications from OpenText.

OpenText OT2 is available immediately. OpenText Quality and OpenText Legal will be generally available in the second half of 2018.


OpenText Allows You To See How The Government Of Canada Is Tracking G7 Sentiment In Real-Time

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OpenText the global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced the launch of a real-time sentiment analysis tool developed for the Government of Canada to help them understand media and social opinion on the themes of Canada’s 2018 G7 Presidency: Investing in growth that works for everyone, Preparing for jobs of the future, Advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment, Working together on climate change, oceans and clean energy and Building a more peaceful and secure world.

The application – accessible online at | – is built using OpenText Magellan, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Analytics platform that searches the web for publicly available G7 articles and tweets, and retrieves the raw text for evaluation.

This tool draws on Twitter and online news activity about Canada’s 2018 G7 Presidency in real time, creating an interactive dashboard that displays sentiment and breaks down the key themes in an interactive way to show what issues what matter most to citizens around the world.

OpenText enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on premises or in the cloud. For more information about OpenText visit

Latest OpenText Release Delivers A Secure Platform For Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Content Services, & Extreme Automation

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OpenText has announced the general availability of Release 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4). This release further extends security, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and cloud support into the market-leading OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform.

This release expands OpenText’s commitment to helping its customers deliver on the promise of digital transformation, while focusing on their role as stewards of personal data and information.

This release is focused on enhancing key areas of the OpenText platform.

  • AI/ OpenText Magellan: the release extends data collection and loading options for business users, further democratizing access to AI across organizations and integrates deeper into Hadoop and Spark to enable machine learning applications. The release also extends AI into the OpenText Enterprise Information Management platform, including Documentum, Content Server, Archive Center and eDocs for integrated content mining.
  • Internet of Things: The OpenText Covisint IoT Platform helps companies manage their digital ecosystems and securely connect people, systems and things. It offers large industrial companies the real-time visibility they need for enterprise information across different business networks to help them make better business decisions. The latest Enhancement Pack adds new abilities to configure, develop and secure IoT solutions.
  • Cloud: This release makes it easier for organizations to move to the hybrid or fully managed cloud environment that is right for them. New cloud connectors continue to place the OpenText ecosystem at the center of digital business while seamlessly working with the best-in-breed technologies in asset and resource management, operations, content creation, and content collaboration.
  • Developer: OpenText provides tools for a global community of developers that are creating Enterprise Applications with the OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Suite. For the developer, this release will see the breadth and depth of low-code development expand with additional out-of-the-box integrations to OpenText products and a unified application development environment across AppWorks.

OpenText Release 16 EP4 is available now.

Canadians still weighing the benefits of AI: OpenText

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Canadians are at the forefront of AI research and development, with cities such as Toronto and Montreal positioned as destinations for global leaders and innovators, but what do Canadians really think about AI? As Canadian government and organizations make investments in AI, citizens are forming opinions about how artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will affect their lives at work and at home.

While the technology offers many promising benefits, allowing for faster, more precise decision making (for example in healthcare), the results of a new survey from OpenText show Canadians still value the input of real people.

Some of this year’s major findings include:

  • The majority of Canadians (70 per cent) are not worried about being replaced by a robot at their job, and 45 per cent think their job could never be taken over by a robot.
  • Only 24 per cent of Canadians would feel comfortable working alongside a robot.
  • Canadians see more accurate diagnoses the biggest benefits of AI in healthcare (26 per cent), followed closely by a quicker diagnosis (21 per cent).
  • One-fifth of Canadians (20 per cent) see not taking time off work to visit a doctor as the biggest benefit to introducing AI in healthcare.
  • Almost half (48 per cent) of Canadians think driverless cars make the road safer, but Canadians are not completely sold on autonomous vehicles, half (50 per cent) would not consider buying or even renting one if priced similarly to a “normal” car.
  • Of the Canadians who feel the roads would be safer with autonomous cars, 31 per cent believed it was because they automatically obey all traffic laws, 10 per cent said they would only make highways safer, 7 per cent said it would be safer but only in towns and cities.
  • Despite all the hype around AI technologies, only 23 per cent of Canadians surveyed are aware of having interacted with AI technology in the last 12 months, 37 per cent didn’t know if they had.
  • Canadians are wary of AI’s ability to make better decisions than elected representatives if used in government, 33 per cent say the technology would not make better decisions because it can’t assess cultural aspects.
  • However, Canadians believe they will see AI technology in government soon (21 per cent say in the next 1-2 years), and they see the biggest potential benefits as reducing wait times for government services (23 per cent) followed by reducing errors (14 per cent).

The complete results of the OpenText 2018 AI survey for Canada can be found here.

Malcolm Gladwell and Billy Beane join OpenText in Toronto for Enterprise World 2018

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OpenText which is a leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced that Malcolm Gladwell, author of five New York Times bestsellers and Billy Beane, legendary baseball executive will be keynote speakers at OpenText Enterprise World 2018. These world-class speakers join Mark J. Barrenechea, Vice Chair, CEO and CTO, OpenText on the Enterprise World stage, where he will address the future of technology, and the intelligent and connected enterprise.

Barrenechea will open Enterprise World 2018, and be joined on the first day by award-winning author Malcolm Gladwell, who brings his unsurpassed ability to be both entertaining and challenging to the Enterprise World stage. Gladwell is a much sought-after speaker, who took the business world by storm with his books The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw, and David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants.

Day two of the Enterprise World program features Billy Beane, one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today. Beane is credited with molding the Oakland Athletics into one of baseball’s most consistent winners by implementing a statistical methodology that has come to be known as the “Moneyball” philosophy. His compelling story was told in the best-selling novel and Oscar nominated film – Moneyball.

With over 90 industry experts delivering more than 200 breakout sessions, Enterprise World will provide both inspiration and professional development over the course of the three-day program.

  • Insight from top OpenText executives: Muhi Majzoub, EVP, Engineering, and Patricia Nagle, SVP, CMO, will offer insight on OpenText’s progress against its roadmap and provide their take on the evolving world of business, AI, and automation.
  • Industry-relevant sessions: The Enterprise World program features 10 tracks covering the wide range of EIM and Industry solutions. Each session is aligned by focus – Business or Technical – ensuring that attendees can garner actionable insight.
  • The OpenText Women in Technology Summit – July 12: The summit brings together prominent leaders for an important conversation about increasing, promoting and supporting women in technology to create an inclusive business environment. The day-long event will feature inspiring keynote speakers, including Megan Smith, Third Chief Technology Officer of the United States (2014–2017), CEO of Blendoor Stephanie Lampkin and Jodi Kovitz, CEO and Founder of #MoveTheDial. The summit will also feature interactive panel sessions and multiple networking opportunities.
  • Developer and Innovation Labs: The popular innovation and developer labs are returning to Enterprise World this year, where attendees can interact with the technologies that will help drive customer experience and enterprise automation. Attendees can see first-hand how cutting-edge low-code applications can transform their business.
  • Training course and workshops: Attendees can maximize their investments in OpenText solutions with informative and engaging training sessions on best-practices on use, implementation and administration.
  • Enterprise Expo: The exhibition hall at Enterprise World will feature in-depth information and resources from across OpenText’s pillars, as well as representatives from 20+ OpenText partners.
OpenText Enterprise World takes place July 10-12, 2018 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Registration for OpenText Enterprise World is now open and early-bird pricing is available.

OpenText CEO Announces Women in Technology Summit 2018 in Toronto, July 12 And Makes A Call For Progress

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In recognition of International Women’s Day, OpenText is excited to announce a powerful lineup of prominent speakers for this year’s Inaugural Women in Technology Summit at OpenText Enterprise World 2018 in Toronto. OpenText’s Vice Chair, CEO and CTO, Mark J. Barrenechea, is also pressing for progress in a new blog, challenging both OpenText and the technology industry to take real steps to achieve gender equality.

The OpenText Women in Technology Summit will celebrate diversity in technology and the incredible contributions of women in the field. Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Megan Smith; and CEO and co-founder of #MoveTheDial, Jodi Kovitz, will deliver insightful keynotes highlighting the progress being made to advance women in technology.

In order to drive change, Barrenechea writes that we must encourage the next generation of young women to lead and innovate in technology. To that end, the Women in Technology Summit speakers will explore topics such as the future of the STEM talent pipeline and advancing women in the industry to leadership positions.

Prominent broadcast journalist and co-host of The Social, Marci Ien, will moderate two panels during the Summit which will also feature:

  • TechGirls of Canada Founder Saadia Muzaffar
  • Technovation Global Ambassador Anar Simpson
  • University of Waterloo Dean of Engineering Pearl Sullivan
  • SAP Labs Vice President of Tech Diversity and Inclusion Danny Allen
  • SAP UX Designer Lucia Melgarejo
  • OpenText Vice President of Research and Development Mei Dent

By drawing attention to this important issue OpenText hopes to create positive change for inclusiveness in our workplaces and communities. Barrenechea has also laid out four core beliefs, including:

  • Encouraging youth to learn technology early
  • Using digitization and analytics to dismantle barriers to women’s representation
  • Increasing the pace and priority for achieving gender quality
  • Establishing gender equality programs to create dialogue, remove biases and facilitate practical change

For more information on OpenText’s steps to create positive and lasting change, please visit the OpenText blog.

Malaysia Airports and OpenText Create Digital Transformation Framework

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OpenText a leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced that Malaysia Airports will be working with OpenText to develop intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and expanded digital services for passengers at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), including its second terminal klia2. This project will be executed in phases, through a big data analytics and digital platform that will contribute to the Total Airport Experience (TAE) strategic pillar outlined in Malaysia Airports’ five-year business plan.

The development of this unified digital platform will enable Malaysia Airports to differentiate engagement with passengers and other customers, drive operational efficiency, enable passenger productivity and experience, and drive new and existing revenue streams. Data fed into the digital platform from various existing systems will be analyzed with machine learning and artificial intelligence, providing insights for better decision making to enhance passenger experience as well as business and operational excellence.

As a technology partner, OpenText will deliver digital and analytics capabilities through an integrated software suite, including content and big data management, service quality management, customer experience management and asset management.

“As we embarked on an analytics-led digital transformation, we were looking for a technology partner that offered a sustainable, integrated solution. Through the Unified Digital Platform (UDP), we are looking to deliver effective engagement and achieve all-round operational efficiency that we can extend to our passengers,” said Azli Mohamed, Chief Strategy Officer at Malaysia Airports.

The project will kick-start with a mobile application that will help passengers plan their journey. Through the application, passengers can receive real-time notifications on flight status, congestion levels, expected journey times and travel options, as well as airport services such as self-check-in and self-bag drop facilities. With later releases of the app, passengers will be able to access the ‘click and collect’ service which allows them to purchase products online and have them delivered to their boarding gate.

This digital transformation will also benefit Malaysia Airports’ commercial partners such as airlines and retailers, as well as other stakeholders at the airport such as the immigration department. Airlines will be able to verify passengers’ authenticity before they enter a secured area by digitally matching the airlines’ check-in data with passengers’ documents. Airlines will also be notified in real-time of passengers’ whereabouts after check-in, helping to improve the overall efficiency of airport and airline operations.

This project facilitates the collaborative relationship between Malaysia Airports and the Immigration Department of Malaysia, helping to ensure queue management efficiency and incident management through digital escalation processes, as well as allocating resources based on the predictive analytics of passenger flow and volume, thus aiding in seamless immigration and emigration clearance. New security scanning facilities and boarding gate readers will also be employed to ensure seamless end-to-end passenger experience.

OpenText and Malaysia Airports will also collaborate on a Digital Airport Centre of Excellence at Malaysia Airports’ premises. The Centre of Excellence will focus on driving change, with a core emphasis on identifying opportunities for transformation, assessing the impact of new initiatives and in identifying future initiatives through passenger feedback.