UK To Zuckerberg: We Will Make You Testify

Remember when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to testify in front of Parliament in the UK? Well, that didn’t go over too well. And they’ve sent him this shot across the bow. He’ll testify before Parliament the next time he’s in British territory if he does not volunteer to do so.

So, my question is does he avoid the UK forever? Or will he simply just go and testify? If I were him, I’d be doing the latter just to get this over with. Because if he does the former, this has the potential to get ugly. I say that because the UK isn’t going to give this up. They’re going to keep after him until he complies. Thus he should just comply.



One Response to “UK To Zuckerberg: We Will Make You Testify”

  1. […] say that. But he might as well have given that he’s once again rebuffed British MP’s attempts to get him to testify about the data leakage scandal in Parliament. This comes via a letter (Warning: PDF) from […]

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