BREAKING: Rogers E-mail Provider Yahoo/Oath Will Change Terms Of Service Due To Epic Backlash

I guess that all the negative press finally got to Rogers and their e-mail provider Yahoo/Oath and they decided to smarten up and do something about the terms of service that had upset users to a massive degree. In short, some changes are coming to the objectionable parts of the terms of service according to The Globe And Mail [Warning: Paywalled. I will find an additional source shortly].

However, this isn’t over yet:

However, Canada’s privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien said Tuesday his office continues to investigate other concerns raised over new terms of service recently sent to users of e-mail addresses

I took a look around and early indications are that this change is specific to Rogers customers. Anyone else who uses the Yahoo/Oath platform don’t appear at this point to have gotten the same treatment. I’ll continue to look at that. But if that’s true, it will be interesting to see what the reaction to that is.

More as it comes.

UPDATE: I found this which confirms that this was a Canada specific change.

UPDATE #2: The Toronto Star has this story. It indicates an investigation by the Privacy Commissioner is what sparked the change in direction by Rogers Yahoo/Oath.

UPDATE #3: Mobile Syrup has even more detail on this including a quote from Rogers that the telco “is currently working with its customers to “help them use Yahoo’s opt out settings” to manage their preferences.” Which implies that you can somehow opt out of this.  It also has Yahoo/Oath doing a bit of a walk back as well.

UPDATE #4: One Rogers customer Tweeted me to comment on this. Or should I say, ex-Rogers customer:

UPDATE #5: The change of heart by Rogers and Yahoo/Oath may not be winning hearts and minds. This person just Tweeted me to illustrate that:


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