It Seems That Loblaws Issues With The PC Optimum Program Aren’t Going Away

I’ve written numerous times about the #EpicFail that is the PC Optimum rewards program which has been pwned repeatedly and led to levels of frustration that I rarely see in a customer base. Here’s recent, as in the last two days, examples of this:

Followed by:

That’s a customer service #fail if I have ever seen one. How about this example:

Another customer service #fail. That really illustrates that Loblaws isn’t on the ball when it comes to taking care of their customers. This one is really bad:

This guy Tweeted a lot over the last 24 hours. But here’s why he’s mad:

Let me put it this way, If I had the equivalent of $200 stolen, which is what the value of 200,000 points is, I’d be a wee bit ticked too.

What is clear here is that Loblaws who is the company that runs this rewards program can’t get their act together. They clearly can’t deal with the number of people who have been affected by whomever is stealing points from their customers. And it is highly likely that this problem is far worse than Loblaws cares to admit. None of this is good for Loblaws. And I suspect that we’re now reaching the point that these issues are beyond the ability for Loblaws to rescue its reputation from. Because right now it looks like Loblaws is really circling the drain.


One Response to “It Seems That Loblaws Issues With The PC Optimum Program Aren’t Going Away”

  1. […] that is called the PC Optimum program that has been pwned by hackers repeatedly and has resulted in reward points being stolen from members has taken a bit of a twist. Today, members of the PC Optimum […]

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