Apple Being Sued Over Dodgy Keyboards In MacBook And MacBook Pros

First there was a petition that as I type this has over 17,000 signatures. Now there’s a class action lawsuit here. that was filed in Northern California that argues that  “thousands” of users have suffered from problems with the butterfly keyboard. Not only that, any amount of dust and debris can make them problematic and Apple only offers temporary solutions that don’t lead to fixes. The lawsuit seeks damages, legal fees, and calls for Apple to disclose the keyboard flaws and replace defective units, including reimbursement for the initial laptop purchase.

Apple now has a problem on its hands. The fact is that these keyboards suck. I don’t recommend these notebooks to my clients and I have held off buying a replacement for my 2015 MacBook Pro with a newer model because of the keyboard. Apple really needs to step up to the plate here and address this because their usual behavior of just ignoring stuff like this is not working.

2 Responses to “Apple Being Sued Over Dodgy Keyboards In MacBook And MacBook Pros”

  1. […] it makes it sound really serious, is now spreading with the news of a second class action lawsuit. Unlike the first one, this one is different as it claims that Apple has violated five different laws and that remedies […]

  2. […] top of the bad press and two other lawsuits being filed, comes a third just before the keynote for the Apple World Wide […]

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