Rogers Responses To The Lack Of Apple Watch LTE Support Appear To be Incredibly Tone Deaf

Even though I am no longer a Rogers wireless customer so that I could get an Apple Watch (review to come in the next couple of weeks by the way), I still follow this story as I get a lot, and I do mean a lot of comments from frustrated Rogers customers on this. As I watch Rogers try to deal with what must be a public relations nightmare, I note a very disturbing trend in terms of how Rogers is responding to this. Rogers seems to be responding in a way that seems to be incredibly tone deaf. Take this response that Rogers served up to a Twitter user:

Justin Prest has a point here. Rogers from what I could tell didn’t even try to say anything to keep a 25 year customer. I point that out because I have seen the people behind Rogers social media accounts try to jump in to save a customer who is talking about leaving. Instead they stuck with a modified version of the party line which is “We don’t currently support Apple Watch. Keep an eye on our website for updates on our products and services.” Now I guess you can’t get in trouble for repeating that. But it really doesn’t help them to give their customers the warm and fuzzies. And now customers are even trolling them on that:

Now the second tweet was sent two minutes after the first one. Keep that in mind as I post what Rogers replied with:

Well. Mr Patrick called it. Either Rogers didn’t see the second Tweet, or they simply don’t care and are sticking to the party line. Also, by the time customers start calling the responses from Rogers on Twitter like Babe Ruth calls home runs, Rogers has a major problem on its hands. As in, they have lost the plot when it comes to managing this from a PR perspective. That’s not good if you’re Rogers.

Then there’s this:

Now this could be fact, or a salesperson in a Rogers store or authorized dealer going rogue. But in the absence of actual facts, it allows this sort of thing to happen. That’s not good for anyone.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Though I will say it again packaged slightly differently. Instead of these incredibly lame and tone deaf responses, Rogers needs to simply come out and say what their plans are. Or, if they’ve not going to support the Apple Watch with LTE, just say so and put an end to this so that customers can make decisions on the telco that best meets their needs. If they are going to support it, say when. Cookie cutter responses are not winning the day for them, thus they really need to demonstrate that their customers matter to them by not giving them tone deaf responses.

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