Back Door Account Found in DLink DI-620 Routers Can Lead To Epic Pwnage

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a back door account on DLink DI-620 routers which if you have said router configured for admin access via the Internet, can lead a miscreant to pwn your router, and by extension your network. While this is an older device, there are a fair number of them floating around. Thus this discovery is not trivial. Because of that, Kaspersky is not disclosing the full details of this exploit to protect those who own this router, and are likely now considering using another router as we speak. For what it is worth, the best way to protect yourself is to ensure that the ability to log into this router from the Internet is disabled. I say that because DLink isn’t going to fix this as it is such an old device. Which I think says something about DLink.

Oh by the way, Kaspersky found three other security issues with this router. Which I think says something else about DLink.

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