Chinese Researchers Find Flaws In BMW Infotainment Systems….. And Fixes Are On The Way From BMW

Chinese security firm Keen Labs have been looking at a variety of BMW vehicles over the last year and have released a 26-page technical report that details 14 vulnerabilities that allow a BMW to be pwned via the infotainment system. The researchers have released their findings to BMW who are working on updates to fix this. Likely when the cars come in for service. Now some of these flaws are hard to exploit. But it is possible which is why some details have been withheld in the report.

This highlights something that I have been saying for a while now. Car makers really need to up their game when it comes to the security of the cars that they make because they’re now rolling computers that people are going to try and hack. Thus automotive manufacturers have to be looking for vulnerabilities constantly, and when they find them, fix them quickly. Then roll them out in a manner that is easy for every car owner to get. That way we are all safer as a result.

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