So What Did Apple Announce At WWDC 2018?

Well, Apple had their World Wide Developers Conference keynote today. And given that Apple has some dark clouds hanging over it in the form of buggy software, security fails, #BatteryGate and #KeyboardGate, this keynote was going to be very important. So I watched the livestream with great interest to see what they were going to do. Here we go with what was announced.

iOS 12: According to Apple, iOS 12 will be available on all the same devices as iOS 11. Performance will be improved across the board. One of the way that they plan to do that is that iOS 12 will ramp up processor performance instantly to its highest state to deliver the best performance. Then ramp it down to preserve battery life. A new new file format, developed with Pixar which is optimized for sharing called USDZ. 3D objected placed into the real world. ARKit 2.0 for multi-user augmented reality was also announced as well. Improvements in Photos, Siri, and built in apps. Plus CarPlay will FINALLY get third party app support including third party maps. A new feature called Screen Time which shows you how much you are addicted you are to your iDevice and helping you to manage your (or your kids) app usage. Finally there’s changes to Do Not Disturb, Notifications (including grouped notifications), group FaceTime, and new animoji and memoji (meaning that you can create your own emoji). More details here.

watchOS 5: There will be improvements such as activity challenges, improved workouts types (specifically running, yoga, and hiking) including workout detection (it will automatically start workouts and stop them too. ). There’s a walkie talkie feature that allows you to send short audio messages to another Apple Watch user. The Siri watch face is going have more functionality and third party app support. Oh yeah, you won’t need to use the “hey Siri” phrase to get Siri’s attention. Notifications are more interactive, and web content will be accessible on your watch for the first time. More details here.

Apple TV/tvOS: Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision is the big news for Apple TV 4K users. iTunes will have content to support this this fall and existing content will be upgraded for free. Apple is also working with cable companies worldwide to bring live content to Apple TV. There’s also new Apple TV aerial screen savers as part of the upcoming tvOS update. More details here.

macOS 10.14:  The new version of macOS is going to be called Mojave which ends four releases named after mountains. System wide dark mode is finally in the OS. There’s a new feature called dynamic desktop that changes your desktop during the day. They’ve enhanced the organization of the desktop via a feature called desktop stacks. The Finder has new views including gallery view to preview content and action it, quick look can do the same thing as well. There’s a new screenshot tool that looks like an enhanced version of the one that’s been on iOS for the last year. Continuity now works with your iPhone’s camera to take photos and pop them in your documents. News will come to the Mac. Stocks and voice memos are coming to the Mac too. HomeKit support is finally on the Mac too with Siri support. From the “it’s about freaking time” Apple is finally getting support for stopping apps from accessing your microphone and camera among other security enhancements. Safari is getting higher levels of privacy to stop you from being tracked and fingerprinted for tracking purposes. These Safari changes will be in iOS as well. There will be a new App Store that will be similar in a lot of ways to the iOS App Store. Improvements to Metal and Machine Learning will be along for the ride. Oh yeah, APFS will support spinning hard drives and fusion drives….. Though they said that last year. More Details here.

All of these updates are coming this fall.

So, if you were hoping that Apple would spend their time stabilizing their OSes, well they are clearly not doing that. It’s new features until the cows come home. In other words, business as usual. That to me is a bit of a risk because if things are like 2017 and early 2018 where Apple was putting out software QA fires right left and center, then this will become a massive problem for them. So for their sake, I hope that Apple gets this right and these OS updates ship relatively bug free and drama free.

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