#Fail: Apple Maps Routing And Navigation Is DOWN World Wide [UPDATE: Resolved]

It appears that navigation and routing functions of Apple Maps are down at the moment. If you try to search for an address, this is what you see:apple2

What’s worse is that Apple either doesn’t want to acknowledge that they have an issue, or they are asleep at the switch. I posted this Tweet when I first noticed the issue:

Apple Support responded with this a few minutes later:

This was my reply:

You’d think a company that is approaching 1 Trillion dollars in market cap would be able to search Twitter and find Tweets like these:

And apparently this has been going on for hours which doesn’t look good if you’re Apple. Seeing as Apple isn’t admitting that there’s a problem, nobody knows how long before there is a fix for it. Thus Apple is going to have a long day fixing whatever is going on with Apple Maps and dealing with the PR fallout.


UPDATE #2: This is now resolved.


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