USB Restricted Mode Makes An Appearance In iOS 11.4.1

Apple released a number of OS updates today. One of them was iOS 11.4.1 and there was a big surprise when that appeared. I posted the details on Twitter the moment I discovered it:


USB Restricted Mode, which first came to light as a line item that didn’t get talked about during the World Wide Developers Conference is here. I spoke about why that matters here, but let me give you the elevator pitch version. It’s meant to disable USB access so that the Celebrite and GrayShifts of the world can’t break into your phone and extract data. That’s sure to annoy both of those companies. Though the latter claims that it is already “defeated.” I guess we’re about to find out as the adoption rate of iOS is insanely high. Thus this update will be in the hands of users quickly, and this feature will get turned on by those who value their security. I value my security so I’ve got it turned on. So should you. If you need more info on this new feature, Apple has a support document here.

Let the games begin.


I posted a follow up Tweet in regards to this:

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