Opinion: Has Apple Quietly Addressed #KeyboardGate With The New MacBook Pro Keyboards?

One of the things that I have a lot of commentary on is the keyboards in the new MacBook Pros that were announced yesterday. Apple admits that they are quieter than the previous generation, but they also say that it doesn’t address anything related to #KeyboardGate. But the way I see it, I think they have taken a run at addressing those issues. Quietly. Here’s why I think that.

Apple rarely admits that it does anything wrong. Thus I think that if they did improve the keyboard to make it more reliable, they won’t tell anyone because they’d have to admit that there was a problem which isn’t their style. On top of that it would be an admission that #KeyboardGate goes beyond a “small” percentage of MacBook users as that’s Apple’s usual thing to do when they are forced to deal with a situation where uttering the phrase “you’re holding it wrong” or something similar doesn’t work. In short, they minimize the scope of the problem when blaming the user doesn’t work.

Plus admitting that they screwed up would likely encourage more lawsuits beyond the three they are already facing.

The only ways that we’ll know will be when iFixit does a tear down and lets us know if there is any physical difference in this new keyboard. But the real test will come when these MacBook Pros make it into the hands of users and we continue to see keyboard related issues, or the noise starts to decrease when it comes to #KeyboardGate.

This should be interesting to watch.


2 Responses to “Opinion: Has Apple Quietly Addressed #KeyboardGate With The New MacBook Pro Keyboards?”

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  2. […] leaked Apple document confirmed something that they previously denied. The new MacBook Pro keyboards do address the issues related to #KeyboardGate. Here are the details […]

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