Apple Document Leak Confirms That New Keyboard Design Address #KeyboardGate Issues… Further Confirmed By iFixit

A leaked Apple document confirmed something that they previously denied. The new MacBook Pro keyboards do address the issues related to #KeyboardGate. Here are the details wia

In an internal document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers, obtained by MacRumors from multiple reliable sources, Apple has confirmed that the third-generation keyboard on 2018 MacBook Pro models is equipped with a “membrane” to “prevent debris from entering the butterfly mechanism.”

That by itself is kind of mind blowing for the reason that these sorts of leaks do not happen. But what makes it really interesting is the fact that iFixit has done a much deeper dive, exposing the keyboard to debris to test it out and confirmed that this membrane does work. Though it’s not perfect. But clearly it’s a substantial improvement over previous MacBooks.

If I am a lawyer involved in one of the three #KeyboardGate lawsuits, this is clear cut evidence that will likely bolster my case. I wonder if Apple is considering that and circling the wagons accordingly?



2 Responses to “Apple Document Leak Confirms That New Keyboard Design Address #KeyboardGate Issues… Further Confirmed By iFixit”

  1. […] I have been toying with the idea of getting one, and it seems that they’ve also address the #KeyboardGate related issues as well, I’ll wait for new benchmarks on the i9 MacBook Pro to appear before I plunk down my credit […]

  2. […] Pros which had a redesigned keyboard. That was something that Apple denied that they were doing, despite documents from Apple saying the opposite. So that meant that #KeyboardGate is dead […]

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