Android Pie Is Now Shipping….. Though You May Never Actually Get It On Your Device

Google’s latest Android operating system update, Android 9 Pie, has been officially released to customers. Here’s a video that shows you what this new version of Android brings to the table:

Here’s a quick list of notable features:

  • A new gesture-based system interface that’s similar to the interface of the iPhone X
  • There’s a new Android Dashboard, designed to tell you how much time you’re spending on your device. Which sounds like Apple’s Screen Time feature that’s coming in iOS 12.
  • A new Do Not Disturb option called “Shush” which silences Android devices when placed facedown
  • A Wind Down option lets Android users select a specific bedtime to turn the interface gray to discourage smartphone usage at night.
  • An Adaptive Battery feature that maximizes battery power by prioritizing the apps you’re most likely to use next,
  • App Actions for predicting what you’ll want to do next. Which to me sounds a lot like Siri Suggestions,
  • There’s a future feature Slices which is a feature that brings up information from your favorite apps right in search.

Android Pie is available to Pixel phones today. For everyone else, you may get an update if your device is recent enough. But as typical for Android devices, your ability to get a major update to Android largely depends on who makes your phone, what carrier it is on, and how old it is as many devices use customized versions of the Android OS. Which means that both device manufacturers and/or carriers have the ultimate say as to what updates users get. Thus it is entirely possible that you may never get this update on your phone, and you may need to get a new phone to get Android Pie.


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