A Follow Up To The Customer Service Issue That My Wife Has With Oakley, Lens Crafters, & Luxottica

Well, here is an update to this issue that my wife has had to try and get her Oakley eyeglasses fixed by any of the following companies:

  • Oakely – The company who make the eyeglasses
  • Lens Crafters – The company who sold her the eyeglasses
  • Luxottica – The company who owns both of the above

Sadly this continues to be frustrating. My wife went to another Lens Crafters to see if they could help her. And to be fair, they tried. But they told my wife that Oakey has the parts that she needs, but they won’t give them to Lens Crafters. Instead, Oakley wants her to call them. Now here’s where it get really frustrating. They gave her a phone number to call which is the sixth different phone number to call since this gong show began. Assuming that Oakley could give her the parts, the Lens Crafters location that she went to would install them.

That is insane. Lens Crafters and Oakley are both owned by Luxottica and they won’t help each other to solve a customer’s issue? That’s just mind blowing.

It get worse. Lens Crafters finally after weeks of trying to get their attention finally responded to my Tweets after one of my Tweets to my original story got a reply from someone in a similar situation:

I tried to go to that site on both my Internet connections and via tethering to my cell phone. I got this:


So the site exists, but it isn’t responding.


So I sent this back to the Lens Crafters Twitter feed:

A few minutes later I got this:

So we phoned the number. Which is now the seventh phone number that has been called, and following these instructions got us to a recording that told us to go to the website that was Tweeted to us earlier. The one that doesn’t work.


This was my reply:

Clearly this underscores that none of these companies who are all related to each other aren’t focused on providing customer service. It also underscores that we shouldn’t be doing business with any of these companies. And you might do the same as a company who can’t or won’t stand behind their warranty and can’t or won’t help their customers doesn’t deserve your hard earned money.

UPDATE: The web page that wasn’t working last night is working now. Thus my wife submitted a complaint via that form. According to the form, it will take three business days to receive a response. We’re both fairly sure that we’re not going to ever receive a response. But we’re open to being proven wrong. Also just for fun, my wife is going to phone the most recent of the seven toll free numbers that she was given to see if anything positive happens. Which she is sure won’t happen. Expect a update on that front.

In the meantime, I got a voice mail from Rudy Project today. I have not yet returned their call, but when I listened to it they said that they saw my original post as well as this follow up and wanted to know if they could assist my wife with getting her eyewear that works. I’ll be phoning them back in a bit and I will update this post accordingly.

UPDATE #2: Well, the horrible customer service continues. As I stated above, my wife called the most recent of the seven toll free numbers that she was given. She iMessaged me as to what happened next:


Yes. My wife was on hold for 1 hour and 17 minutes. Even the worst telcos and cable companies are not anywhere close to being that bad. But as horrifically bad as this is, it actually got worse. My wife then told me that they only ship these parts to US addresses. So she used the address of a friend who lives outside of Washington DC to get them. Apparently, international orders go through the website that requires you to submit photos that I spoke of in my original story. The one that never, ever responded to us.

But it got even worse than that. Apparently, they only had one pair of the parts she needed in stock and….:


So they can’t even place her on a back order and automatically ship the parts to her. She as the customer has to call back if they don’t get it in 14 days. In other words, there’s no shipping confirmation, no tracking number, and most importantly, Oakley takes no accountability for making sure that their customers get what they need.

That my friends is a massive #fail. Now here’s where there’s a positive turn to this rather horrific story.

I returned Rudy Project’s call. Because of my profile as a blogger, they’d like to work with my wife and I to get us into their products. Thus they’re hooking us up with a local Rudy Project dealer so that my wife can get the prescription eyewear that she needs, and I can touch and feel their products so that I can choose eyewear that works for me. That’s currently set up for next Wednesday afternoon. Sure my wife will have to take an afternoon off work, but if it gets her eyewear that she can actually use and be comfortable in, it’s worth it. And when we get finally get our respective eyewear, I’ll be blogging about it.

In the meantime, if it wasn’t clear before, it sure is clear now that Oakley, Luxottica, and Lens Crafters have horrible customer service. They won’t stand behind their customers, nor do they make it easy for their customers to resolve issues. Which means that they are to be avoided at all costs as companies who won’t do the right thing for their customers and make it easy for their customers to do business with them don’t deserve your money.


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